automated financial wellbeing

Predicting spending behaviours

Enabling consumption guidance, automated budgeting, behaviour analytics and more.

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Make smarter decisions

Build services and make decisions based on future consumer behaviours, not the past.

demographic insights

Predictive analysis of spending behaviour on both personal and segmented levels enabling bulk and portfolio analysis as well as customer specific analysis.

Real time purchasing power

Behaviour based “safe to spend” that shows what a customer can spend based on how they will spend their money next, not just what they have left in their accounts.

Automated consumer guidance

Autonomous budgeting based on predicted behaviours. Guiding the customer purchase by purchase towards selected goals; savings, repayment, mortgage etc.

trained on millions of transactions

From PSD2 data to spending predictions

Hints unique ML/AI system processes PSD2 data to deliver a wide set of capabilities, available as an API. These capabilities range from automated budget generation and behaviour triggers to disposable income analysis with lifestyle aspects accounted for.

Automated monthly budget, Hint's Test-App

WHY hint

Ready to go

Get going fast with our API layer

Simple to integrate

Hint’s solution is built on modern SaaS techniques and works great with Backend for Frontend solutions.

Built for GDPR

Hint’s solution is built on treating PSD2 data as anonymized GDPR compliant data structures.

Hosting flexibility

Hosting of Hint’s solution can either be on premise, in the cloud or at a facility within the EU.

Tailored solutions

At Hint we can tailor intelligence solutions and customer experiences around your needs. Reach out, let us know what you need and we’ll get back to you with a proposal.

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